Biografi : Azli Jamil

22 08 2008

Who is Azli Jamil? To tell you the truth, I don’t know much about him. But one thing for sure, I am one of his great fan since the last couple of years. His works on people were really stunning especially when you are looking at them from photographic point of views. This is what he has to say about himself in the Flikr

“Touching lives through photography… That is what it is all about for this DEFINITELY OVER THE AGE OF 21 amateur photographer…

The photo below of a boy clutching a new pair of shoes was taken by Gerald Waller at the Am Himmel orphanage, Austria in 1946. Look at the expression!!
The photo which appeared in The Best of LIFE is why I shoot people…”

Below are some nice words written by his admirers also found in Flikr:-

ario taha says:

“I look his art works like a teacher…
don’t know about you, but I think I can learn a lot in here. tanx

Hey man, who said you’re not an artist?
what do you think when you say that?
who is an artist? I do believe in your art man… I DO! and I don’t care what others think.”

Candid by Azli Jamil

Candid by Azli Jamil

Emmanuel Smague says:

“Azli Jamil’s photostream is one of the best photostream I have seen on Flickr. His Photos inspire me and I learn much from his photos. He is Great photographer, his photos are very emotional. he captures great moments and expressions.

His photos are very addictive.”

Private Dancer by Azli Jamil

Private Dancer by Azli Jamil

Bemused Capybara says:

“azli jamil makes me go “wow”.
he is an inspiration to us all,
and a master photographer.
keep up the great work, azli.”

Thank You by Azli Jamil

Thank You by Azli Jamil

fotonstudio says:

“The first time I saw one of Azli’s images, I thought ….. how can someone in this world create something so beautiful, so powerful and so impressive at the same time. I could not imagine what kind of person was behind those incredible images…. now that I have the great honour to consider him as a friend I can see that all those images, all those feelings he transmits with them are coming directly from his noble soul. Thanks a lot, my friend :-)”

Surfer at Sunset by Azli Jamil

Surfer at Sunset by Azli Jamil

His works can also be viewed at Flikr and Fotopages




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20 11 2008
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