Goo-goo, Gaa-gaa! Awww, SO CUTE!

30 08 2009

Source: The Malay Mail

Candid shots of babies bring the sweetest memories


In this digital age, running businesses online has become the norm. From rare collectibles to services, they’re all just a click away.

Two mothers, Low Soo Lyn (better known as Sue) and Jasmine Chong, turned to the blogosphere for just that.
These women are self-taught photographers who started indulging in photographing babies and children some three years ago.

They are just so lovable and adorable, cooed the working mums.

Jasmine has two children while 32-year-old Sue has three. They prefer to remain behind-the-camera and have requested not to have their mugs featured.

2pixel-2Regardless, taking a look at their artistic shots at, you can’t help but fall in love with the plethora of shots Jasmine and Sue have done.

“It all started with Sue’s idea of  taking photographs of newborns for friends. Thereafter, we decided to take this little hobby of ours to the next level,” said Jasmine, 31, about the birth of their photoblog, which is very young, only nine months old.

“Now, we not only photograph newborns but we also take pregnancy shots, family photos and pictures of young children. This is simply because photographing the newborn is still a very new concept for Malaysians and many times, parents are very skeptical about stripping down their babies,” explained Jasmine.

“Most of our customers are referrals from friends or blog hoppers. Initially, we started off with a circle of new mums, whom we got to know via the blogsphere, and they helped spread the word around.

“Nowadays we are looking at customers who reached us via the World Wide Web,” said Jasmine. What’s so unique about Two Pixels, said the mums, are their shooting locations.

The first is an outdoor spot near the client’s home and the other is an indoor locale in the home.

“We believe that everyone is most comfortable in their home, which is why we want photographs to be taken at home, not in a studio.”

Sue and Jasmine do everything themselves – from photographing to post-processing – alleviating any unease and apprehension parents may feel.

Here is how Two Pixels view the blogosphere.

How challenging has it been to set up and maintain  the blog?

The challenges we faced, being two sceptical mums, is our blog design. It took us days to decide the design and colour scheme.

Maintaining the blog itself is also a challenge because we have so many photoshoots back-to-back, but we try our best to keep the blog alive by putting up posts at least two or three times a month.

SMILE! A cute baby photo like this will make anyone's day

SMILE! A cute baby photo like this will make anyone's day

(Both mums also have their own blogs focusing on their kids. Check out Jasmine’s blog at and Sue’s at

What would you really like to achieve through your blog?

We hope that with this blog we will be able to reach out to more parents and parents-to-be out there to engage our service.

What does “Blogosphere” mean to you?

A network that connects you to countless opportunities

Who is your absolute favourite blogger?

The list is just too long, but we enjoy blog-hopping to various photographers’ websites, mostly to get inspiration and ideas.

What is the foremost feature in the Blogosphere that irritates you?

Spam. We get them day-in, day- out in our blog and they are pretty irritating. Despite the fact that we block IP addresses, new spammers just keep popping up.

If there was someone you could influence to take up  blogging, who would it be?

All mothers out there who are not blogging, start one today! It’s a great way to keep an online journal of our children.

All photos are courtesy of Two Pixels Photography.




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31 08 2009

wow really cute 🙂

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